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                FRANCHISE POLICY

                location: home > join us > FRANCHISE POLICY

                In order to meet and facilitate the consumer demand for KT tiles in all regions of the country, the KT tile brand headquarters has decided to recruit distributors throughout the country. The detailed rules are as follows:

                Why should join KT ceramic tile brand?

                KT ceramic headquarters is located in Guangdong Foshan ceramic base headquarters, "or wood blocks, the official international fan" brand philosophy, from product research and development production, sales, sales promotion, brand vascular and other aspects of leading the development of the industry.

                1, products adhere to the use of high-quality raw materials, adhere to the use of international advanced equipment and process technology, adhere to each process, with international standards;

                2, with Italy, Spain and other internationally renowned wood brick, antique brick brand work together to create a new high standard of international products.

                3, as a new generation of high-end wood brick leadership brand, product design, system and so closely closely related to international trends;

                4, KT tile products superior physical properties, abrasion resistance, anti fouling, anti slip coefficient, smoothness, color and other indicators were higher than the national standard, the source of wood is better than wood;

                5, KT headquarters has many years of wood brick tile brand operation experience the strength of the team, from the market, sales, logistics and other departments with the dealer sales, store staff training, brand promotion work, and win-win partner;

                6, KT tile brand has been exported to more than 160 countries and regions worldwide, in China has become a number of well-known real estate developers and various types of large-scale projects long-term strategic partner;

                Two, what conditions do you need to satisfy?

                1, a fixed operating place, in the local industrial and commercial departments issued registration, with legitimate business qualification, good reputation, specializing in decoration, construction, building materials industry sales entities.

                2, in the KT tile brand management period, be able to independently develop customers and sales channels in the region.

                3, need to have certain sales ability, have a full-time KT tile brand product promotion team.

                4, dealers in the local mainstream building materials market has its own product showroom, used to display KT brand products.

                Three, after joining, what benefits can you get?

                1, market protection: We authorized dealers to market protection, to ensure that dealers have orderly market development space.

                2, market development: we will join hands with dealers to jointly explore the market and sales channels, and give dealers full support.

                3, sales and product training: we will regularly dealer business personnel to do sales skills and product related knowledge training.