The German trailer for the film GhostHunters, on Icy trails is out :)
I’m happy to be able to show some of the work I did in Egg.
I worked on the lighting team setting up and lighting shots.

Mr Stripes meets a furry fellow.
A personal work I did using Maya / Mental Ray & Nuke.

MeetingAtTheTrainStation    Clay


A personal work based on a concept by Simon Stålenhag  ( ). I love the down to earth felling of his paintings, making robots feel not like something futuristic or Sci-Fi but something that is real and natural.
With that in mind I created this image.

A-Snowy-day-Tri    A-Snowy-day_lights


Some light and color studies. Focusing more on mood than on the small details.

NC_Comp    Village_Comp    SheepField_Comp


I’ve worked a few months at Illusive Studios, they are a great team with a lot of talent.
Here are some of the work I’ve worked on while there:

COMP_PaiNatalCartaz    Carro-Sonangol    Classic

Mini Work    Mini Work (2)

Sonangol Natal 2013 from Illusive Studios on Vimeo.

A Terra dos pinguins – Belas Shopping from Illusive Studios on Vimeo.


Some other works that I did over my career:



BIO-Pena1    BIO-PalacioMonserrate    ivan


zim1    im2_fc    im3_fc

im4_nf    im5_nf    im6_nf


cine-01-atereosclerose.mp4_snapshot_00.51_2011.06.23_18.09.12    cine-01-atereosclerose.mp4_snapshot_00.31_2011.06.23_18.08.54    skel


aa1    cc1    bb1


wasp_beauty_1600    dragonfly_render-beauty-1600    r_beauty2

bee_renderBeauty    Cricket_beauty    mosquito-render_beaut


render_Final_01    render_Final_02    wire_s01


calvin    ss1    ss2


beauty    gob2t    Mr_Stripes