Meeting at the Train Station

Mr Stripes meets a furry fellow.
A personal work I did using Maya / Mental Ray & Nuke.

Illusive Studios

I’ve worked a few months at Illusive Studios, they are a great team with a lot of talent.

Here are some of the work I’ve worked on while there:

Modeling, Shading, Rendering

Lighting, Rendering, Compositing

Sonangol Natal 2013 from Illusive Studios on Vimeo.

A Terra dos pinguins – Belas Shopping from Illusive Studios on Vimeo.


Lighting, Rendering, Compositing

A Snowy day

I’ve been doing a lot of low poly work lately and I’ve been looking forward to do an high poly 3d project. Seeing the CGcookie contest about robots I decided it was the time to do it.
Since I’m not much of a concept artist, I asked Simon Stålenhag if he’d let me use one of his paintings as concept. (go see his website, he is great – ) I love the down to earth felling of his paintings, making robots feel not like something futuristic or Sci-Fi but something that is real and simply are around us.
With that in mind i created this image.

Leap motion

Ricardo Sabino has received a Dev kit for the Leap motion Controller and decided to make a game for it.
After he did the prototype he asked if I wanted to help and I gladly did so.
I’ve been helping him polish the game and it’s almost ready.
The game itself belongs to the always-run genre and it’s made in unity.

Game Assets


I’ve been doing some freelance work mostly doing game assets / environment work in unity 3d.
I was responsible for modeling / texturing / lighting the 3d assets.
And “photoshopping” in the Losties case :p (Last 2 pics)
Unfortunately Losties never got released :\

BrickBreaker Evolution

I remade Brickbreaker in Unity 3D.
The base is similar but I added a few features. And made the game prettier!
Unity really adds up a lot of flexibility =)
I tried to use Unity’s physics engine for the ball but the bounces always looked a bit “off” so I ended up using a more hands on approach.

You can download it here: download BrickBreaker Evolution
music: Valiant by EnV

Made with C# and Unity 3D.

Planet Defender

I decided to make a game based on space invaders game but with a twist.
I was always curious about infinite games and random generation and wanted to try it out.
The waves are randomly generated based on some base patterns and the overall speed is increased over time.

You can download and give it a go: download Planet Defender
You’ll need the XNA framework : xna
music: Space Invaders Remix by Caudex

Made with C# and XNA.


I’ve done a small breakout-like game. I present you Brickbreaker!
You can influence the ball path using the up and down arrows to get that tricky blocks ;)

You can download it here: download BrickBreaker
You’ll need the XNA framework : xna
music: Fluid Dynamics by Stratales

Made using C# and XNA.

A Walk in the Dark is out!

We have released A Walk in the Dark! It’s now available on the website A Walk in the Dark.

We are still trying to get it up on steam, you can help us out by voting here: Steam greenlight.
We are getting close but there is a lot of games there and the competition is hard!

It took a while to finish it up but we are happy with it. It has a total of 100 levels and a lot of work was put into it.
I hope you like it!

A Walk in the Dark – trailer

I present you the trailer for A Walk in the Dark, an indie game that I’ve been working on for a while now.
The music was created by the awesome Cody Cook.

Showreel 2011

High-poly gun

Cra girl


Fanart Sculpture i did based on the Cra girl from the game and tv series Wakfu.